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We're tired of how draining and unproductive online conversations are. No one changes their mind. Everyone ends up pissed off. And the cycle repeats. But it doesn't have to be that way, and that's why we exist; to bring about discussions that catalyze into real change.

Change, whether at the personal level, community level, or national level, occurs when people do three things: remain open minded to new ideas, ponder those ideas further and eventually become excited about them, and finally, utilize that energy to bring about a transformation.

That is why we exist—to facilitate productive conversations around life's most important topics while gathering together people who have a willingness and a strong desire to deliver to the world the change it needs.

Why You Should Join Us

Life online can be brutal, negative, draining, toxic, and overall unenjoyable; however, it can also be inspiring, hilarious, energizing, productive. . .

We're not going to tell you to eliminate or even to reduce your time spent in the places that produce the negative experiences, because we believe that once you begin spending your time here, that'll happen naturally.

What we will do is tell you that The Microcosm is a place filled with people who not only wanted to minimize or remove those negative interactions from their life, but also wanted replace them with positive ones. We're a group of people who are tired of the status quo, and want to see real change, but also desperately want to be the force behind that change.

If you're looking for a place where real conversations between real people are happening, then welcome home.

If you're looking for a place where real discussions occur and real understanding is found, then welcome home.

If you're looking for a place where real stories are shared and real change is made, then welcome to The Microcosm.

A Huge Thanks

Whether you join us inside or not we hope you'll be inspired by: the change we're helping to create, the real people motivated to have productive, possibly life-changing discussions online, the growth of alternative solutions to censorship, and the pushback against often toxic social media sites.

We're grateful you've taken the time get to know about us and our mission, and we truly hope you'll take a little bit of what you've learned here and apply it to your overall life.

Change truly is possible, and often, it starts much closer to home than we think—it starts with US, the individual.

Until we meet again, journey well and never be afraid to share your story.

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